March Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

What a busy month. Lots of orders for presents and commissions.

My Favourite Bday Pressie Order

This was a great idea..

"Endless Summer Surfboard

to custom order a board click Here

“An Endless Summer” Design

on a surfboard for a 21st Birthday.

Instead of the traditional Key.

We painted the back of the board

in a matt paint so that everyone

can sign it and write a message.

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The Most Fun Commission For A Long Time

Theres not much out there in the way of art for boys. Here in my Kids art gallery i encourage people to work with me on creating something unique for everyone.

We came up with the idea of a Skater boy, then added in some funky themes to go with it. Very Hip for a boy.

I`ll show you the art in progress:

Skater boy - Kids Art

Skater Boy - Kids Art

click to buy Kids Art

me painting

click to order

To order Kids Art - 0414804655

Finished, "Skater Boy" by Tania Kay

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To view Kids Art Classes Timetable Click Here

To Go to Kids Art Blog Click Here( Warning for Kids Only)

My Favourite Gallery piece At the moment

"Golden Sands" by Tania Kay

“Golden Sands” is a 3 piece painting consisting of 3 x 100 x 100cm canvases.

So it spans 3m x 100cm plus space between panels.. It looks Magical on any wall in any room.. Really bringing the Australian Sunrise to life.

It is hanging on the Gallery walls.

View it at 64 Darley St Mona Vale – Tania Kay – Original Art

Or Buy it Now

I`m very lucky to have 2 other great artists works displayed in my Gallery;

Deb Broughton

Deborah Broughton is a contemporary painter based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Deborah was born in Masvingo, Zimbabwe, and later moved to South Africa where she completed a post-graduate degree in Psychology and Visual Communication. She spent ten years working as a graphic designer and later web designer, in South Africa, the UK and Australia, before returning to painting full time in 2003.

Here are some of Deborah`s pieces

"Gone Fishing" Buy Now

"Salway Sailing" Buy Now

SOLD - Orders Taken

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Jak Art;

Pastel Portraits

Jak Art

Jak Art

This is my favourite field, and the area in which I do the most work. For these I work from your own photos.

So, if you have photos of yourself, your pet, or anyone you love, I can turn it into a lovely pastel portrait. These tend to hold a lot more emotion than photos alone – people often become emotional when they see a portrait of themselves, their children, their family and pets. It always makes a very personal and touching gift.

Here are some portraits Judith has done

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That`s it for now

See You Next Month

Tania Kay

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Tania Kay – Original Art

0414804655 , (02)99400212

Gallery; 64 Darley St Mona Vale

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