February Newsletter

February Newsletter , 2011
Kids Art Classes
Wow! what a great start to the art classes.. So i started by thinking 3 classes a week would be enough. Haha..I have been inundated with calls for more classes for all ages.. I am overwhelmed with appreciation to everyone who wants to learn to paint.
From 6 months to 12yrs.. So i have got a new timetable and new classes to suit everyone :0)
Please go to Kids Art Timetable Page to print out available times and days.. Don`t worry if some classes are booked out as you can book in for March now to secure a spot..

Here are some paintings done buy the kids

Painting with a thin brush – Sarah age 8

sponge painting – Charlie age 2 1/2

Designing a Surfboard – Mackenzie age 6
Painting surfboards – Lucas age 4
Art in Progress – Madison age12

Yes for those lucky enough to have started classes this month in the 5 – 12 yrs groups, we are painting Surfboards.
They are all art in progress at the moment i will post the finished works at the end of February.
I have a Mums and Bubbs class starting next week for ages 6months – 2yrs old. If you are interested in coming along and joining in the fun please call me –
Tania Kay – 0414804655 , 99400212
or email me – taniakayoriginalart@hotmail.com

What I`m working on now
So with all the commotion about the art classes i haven’t had much time to paint.. I am working on an “Endless Summer Series” painting at the moment. It is 120 x 60cm and here is its progress so far. You can buy this painting at anytime during its progress.
– 3 layers of paint so far
You can continue to watch the progress of this painting in
“Art in Progress”. I will post at the end of each day..

BUY NOW!! – 182 x 90cm
Coming Soon
Join Our Kids Club
Loads of savings on art, free classes, downloads, art tips and tricks.
Just a small one off payment and you receive instant access to masses of goodies..
Bye For now so much to do….
See you Next month or Drop in and visit me
64 Darley st Mona Vale :0)


6 Responses to February Newsletter

  1. Lucus says:

    Lucas LOVED seeing his surfboard on your newsletter!!

  2. Judith says:

    LOVE my beautiful anniversary mugs!! Will show everyone. Judith x

  3. Grace says:

    Hi tania I love the panting that you panted me of the unicorn she sleeps above my bed so I have happy dreams , I would like to have Lessons with you one day Grace Gough age 7

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