April Newsletter

First Up

Kids Art Classes for the school holidays run from Monday 11th April Thursday 21st April.

Follow the link below for Holiday timetable –

Kids Art Attack Art Classes

Help Japan

With all the devastating news that came from Japan lately, and their continued struggle to rebuild, I was moved to paint something oriental. Below is the art in progress of “Balance –  Equilibrium ” by Tania Kay It symbolizes the balance inside ourselves The Balance in the world and the ease in which it can all tumble down. There are 2 pieces in the series The first is ” Balance – Equilibrium” The second, which i am still painting is “Peace – Harmony”


First layer

10% of the sale price will Be donated by Myself and on behalf of the purchaser to Help Japan rebuild the Balance in there lives.

Balance - equilibrium

The Series is painted to compliment each other but you can purchases them separately.

finishing touches

182 x 90cm

Like This!

Click Here To Buy ” Balance – Equilibrium” by Tania Kay Now

in reverse

i will post the progress as i paint it. So remember to subscribe to this blog to be kept up to date. I am also organizing  limited edition prints of this series and will also donate 10% of each sale to the relief fund.

Some of my March Art Students

We all had so much fun this month painting canvases for their bedrooms…






Like This!

Click to view More Kids and their artwork

Some Fun Ideas For Presents

This was a fun commission this month.

I have previously created a Surfiegirl for this family and now it is the sons turn.

It is made out of MDF board. I draw an image on there, created from a discription of your child..

Then i cut it outwith a jigsaw..

Next I undercoat it. Then I start painting.

First coat is always a bit messy. I don`t add any detail or shading until the next layer..

Next i add detail to the face. I am giving this one a cheeky grin as instructed by mum..

Then i add Detail to the body and Shorts. You can add fun accessories. i have put Beads on this surfie boy as he was wearing them when he came to the gallery..

And here is our cute surfieboy. Ready for hanging.

Like This!

I use a staple gun to attach the cord onto the back. I choose to paint my boards in Enamels as it is tougher and gives a high gloss finish..

To order something similar

call Tania Kay – 0414804655 , 99400212

or go to www.taniakayoriginalart.com.au


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2 Responses to April Newsletter

  1. jenny harrison says:

    I am the Nanny of your little boy with the beads and i am thrilled with your artwork of my grandson. those beads are teething beads and have become part of his personna
    Thankyou for such a fun and warm piece
    Jenny Harrison

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