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18 .11.2010

Bluesnapper Photography

I d like to introduce you to my favourite surf photographer Alex, from Blue Snapper photography.
I love alex’s work and use his photography regularly as reference for my paintings …

Alex Marks


AlexI first picked up a camera when I was a grom. I documented everything throughout my childhood with stills, video and writing.
It was about 4 years ago when I seriously began shooting images of the surf. In the quest for waves, snow, people and perfect light I have been lucky enough to have hunted through, Hawaii, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Fiji, Indonesia and the United States.
As much as I love to travel, Australia is home and always will be.
I love that every single image by every photographer is unique. Every time I pick up the camera I learn something new and I hope this continues forever.
I shoot with Canon cameras and lenses and use Aquatech water housings.

Alex is Launching His Limited Edition coffee table book tomorrow night so get in fast and order now..

Limited Edition Coffee Table book

About Bluesnapper

Blue Snapper is a photography website showcasing and documenting Sydney’s Northern Beaches. If the waves are cracking get on here and check it out. If it’s flat then enjoy weekly updates on local events and anything else going on in this epic area of the East Coast.
This site is all about shooting quality images of the people getting out and amongst it, the surfing way of life, the characters, the chargers and the visitors to this all time area of the coast.

If you would like to visit Alex at Blue Snapper Photography  and subscribe to his weekly email,as i have, click the link on the side panel in my fav links or click the link below..
Blue Snapper Photography

Some of my Fav Images – There are to many

Buy Print Now

Buy Print Now

Buy Print Now

About taniakayoriginalart

Hey everyone, I have lived on the northern beaches all my life and have painted and drawn since i can remember,.. I am a self taught artist… About 17 yrs ago i began my business, The Big Cactus, and displayed my painting on terracotta pots at the local markets. I had such a huge following that i was able to work full time from home and ceased doing the markets YEA!!! Anywho i have now for 10 yrs displayed in my front yard everyday a huge painted pot display, affectionately known as the pot lady, (i Hope), i would paint there for everyone to see everyday… Then in 2008 i turned the top half of my house into an art gallery and invited 6 local artists to display there art also. In late 2008 i opened my on line shop and now deliver world wide.. In 2009 , my business expanded to such an extent that i finally moved into my own Art Gallery and art shop, VERY HAPPY!!!! 2010 So much community support.. I filled my gallery with huge florals and beach scenes and everything sold :0). Now 2011 is so exciting, i have finished up painting my pots and am fully focused on my canvas paintings... I now have a Kids art gallery and am taking Kids Art Classes.. I hope you enjoy my art… I paint with Exterior House Paints for durability and uv resistance… You can choose from my extensive Gallery or i can paint straight from your Photos…
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